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State & Federal Agencies

The State of Tennessee- Contracted  to provide off-site Remedy and Crystal development to replace their current RFS system with a more user-friendly, web-based system that creates a measurement structure allowing for process measurement and improvement.  The project consisted of modifying the Catalog of Services to launch the RFS in a manner consistent with project objectives, building and implementing workflows that are customized to each OIR service into the RFS implementation which will allow them to time and track the RFS process from RFS creation to billing.  The project also required implementing a Configuration Management Database and Asset Management module (Phase 2) and completing the Change Management system implementation within OIR (Phase 3).

Massachusetts Department of Education Customization, maintenance and system enhancements were performed on the client's Remedy installation.  Client was on version 4.5 and sought to upgrade to 7.0.1 thus a migration and project plan was created to achieve a successful upgrade.  Daily duties included developing new and enhancing the existing workflow, administering and maintaining Remedy applications on Oracle, preparing system documentation on revised applications along with knowledge sharing, diagnosing and repairing problems within the Remedy system that were affecting customers.  Crystal Reports against Remedy were created and maintained according to user specifications.

Department of Homeland Security - Remotely contracted through Rigid Systems (further contracted through BMC Software) to install and customize Remedy Asset Management on Remedy 6.3 for the Department of Homeland Security.  The Border Patrol division of Homeland Security had unique requirements and required a complete overhaul of the out-of-the-box Asset Management application.  In addition, Homeland Security requested additional applications developed to better track foreign assets throughout their 2,200 border sites around the United States. Customized Crystal reports were developed to be deployed via Crystal Enterprise to allow management to examine critical Asset information.

Retail & Suppliers

Longs Drug Store Walnut Creek, CA.  Longs Drugs is a major retail drug store chain servicing the west coast and Nevada. The environment consisted of Remedy version 5.1.2 running in a UNIX platform. The client required an upgrade to version 6.3 of the ARS system. Since the client had a totally custom application (no modules) in place, a migration was not needed for the upgrade. Project requirements were delivered via requirement gathering phone conferences, emails, and pre-developed system documentation. Other project related duties included Crystal reporting, Excel reporting, custom enhancements to ARS, and basic Remedy administration. Project requisites included detailed knowledge of Remedy 5.1.2 and version 6.3, proficiency in ARS development, ability to determine work effort and prioritize tasks accordingly and the ability to work in a team and independently.

Sysco Foods Restaurant supply chain serving the U.S.  Located in Houston, TX, Sysco foods needed a Remedy administrator to support their user base. Basic Remedy Administration consisted of managing users accounts, managing CTI’s, Group, and custom Crystal Reports development. Very little customization was required for this project. Also required working with other Remedy team members as the client was preparing for an upgrade to version 7.1. Project requisites required a history of interpersonal skills, front end development (GUI interfaces) utilizing ODBC to connect to Remedy in different way (i.e. Crystal or Excel), and the ability to analyze application requirements and provide functional suggestions aiding each user in accomplishing their goal.

Technology Industry


Hewlett Packard - Houston, TX.  HP contracted Anderson & Jackson to upgrade their existing custom Remedy tracking system.  Their  existing application was experiencing performance issues (mainly speed) and was unable to satisfy web reporting requirements all of which would be satisfied with the upgrade from 6.01 to version 7.01.  Other duties included Crystal reporting, system documentation and process documentation for management.  Incoming enhancement requests to the system were addressed on a weekly basis to satisfy from over 30 different support groups that were globally located.

IBM - Administration team members acted as Remedy Application Support Specialists to assist in offering support from the A& J offices to various clients including GM, British Petroleum and EDS. Transition and development experience plus working in a team environment while handling multiple issues on an accelerated time line was required. Administration team participated in on-call rotation and was made available 24x7 during scheduled duty.  Skills primarily required include the following:  *Windows 2K/XP/2003 OS* Documentation and testing capabilities* Problem determination followed with root cause analysis* Extensive familiarity and knowledge of Remedy's Problem, Change, Incident & Asset applications*



Intuit - San Diego, CA - Installed Remedy Asset Management and customized this tool to better fit their business needs.  Designed custom workflow, forms, mid-tier workflow and escalations.  Also developed over 120 Crystal reports to better accommodate their needs.  Crystal reports ranged from custom Asset Management reports to modifying existing out-of-the-box reports to reflect customizations.



Public Works Departments

Ameren Electric Company for St. Louis, MO This company had a need for a consultant to help with the huge backlog of Remedy enhancements that developed over a 15 month time period. Client’s environment consisted of Remedy version 6.3 with the Helpdesk, Change, and Asset Management modules in place with version 1.2 of the CMDB in a 24 X 7 environment. Project requirements were delivered via various task assignments, emails, and gathering requirements via phone conferences. Enhancements varied from department to department based on business needs. Enhancements ranged from customizing the CMDB, to creating new workflow consisting of filter, active links, escalations, new forms, and new applications within Remedy ARS. From time to time Ameren required "After hours" on-call support as a result of roll outs and other deployment related issues as a primary or as a backup developer. Project requisites consisted of a background of Remedy implementation of the product suite (Remedy Asset, Problem, and Change Management) and a history of developing test plans, work flows, and screen designs.

WE Energy Electric Company for Wisconsin  Located in Milwaukee, WI, WE Energy provides electric to the entire state of Wisconsin. The company needed a Remedy administrator that could immediately begin supporting their highly customized environment. Client was running Remedy version 6.3 consisting of the basic Helpdesk module but extremely customized to fit their environment and business needs. Work environment was that of a 24 X 7 environment that required new deployments after regular business hours from time to time. The various tasks were delivered via work request, task assignment, and Helpdesk ticket assignment in the Remedy system. Special project requirements were address periodically via Live Meeting sessions where needed. Project requisites required a history of interpersonal skills, front end development (GUI interfaces) utilizing ODBC to connect to Remedy in different way (Crystal or Excel), and the ability to analyze application requirements and provide usable design suggestions.




Media & Telecommunications

Sony Pictures – Los Angeles, CA - remotely performed an overall Remedy application review and examined their existing workflow.  Enhanced their existing application with additional fields and workflow to meet their business requirements.  Sony pictures (Helpdesk) required additional services in the way of developing Crystal Reports against their existing call center to extract high-level management call volume information.


AT&T - Remotely contracted to re-engineer existing Crystal Reports against their implemented Remedy application.  Client needed existing management reports to be designed with more definition and more detail.  Reports were used for weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments.  Accessed clients database via VPN.


Manufacturing & Production

Coca-Cola Bottling Company - Contracted to remotely perform configuring, administration and customization to Change Management 6.0 running on ARS 6.3 after migrating from an older version of Change Management to the updated version.  Our primary focus was set on improving Remedy and it's performance, functionality for users and researching potential bugs in the system.  Environment consisted of an 8-5 Monday to Friday support center located in Georgia with their servers spread across several domains as well as a world-wide user community.

Mead Westvaco - Cincinnati, OH -  Remotely contracted to create Remedy forms designed to act as data extraction points for reporting.  Following a new installation, the client could not extract reports and needed forms and workflow to be created to aid in populating various reporting tools.  Crystal Reports were designed to satisfy management on the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Also, custom workflow was designed to sub-routines for their call center. Used VPN technology to access the client database.

ConocoPhillips – Bartlesville, OK - contracted through Hotskills (experts in defensibility and security) as a subject matter expert to evaluate the existing installation of Remedy.  Located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, ConocoPhillips requested to have their system evaluated for potential security flaws.  The client also requested to have their system examined for potential upgradeability and a review of their plans to point out potential weaknesses.


American Power & Conversion - Contracted to provide remote services by contributing to the design, development, maintenance and enhancements of their Remedy application.  Achievements on the project include extensive Crystal reporting, designing, testing and implementing complex applications using Remedy 6x with an Oracle database, serving as mentor to the team by performing code reviews, providing design and development answers, and creating and documenting development and architecture standards for their business application implementations.  Our expertise in a variety of application development concepts, practices, procedures and platforms was a key element in the success of the project

Murphy Oil Corporation - El Dorado, AK  - Contracted to remotely customize and support their Remedy 6.3 system running Helpdesk 6.  This system supports thousands of Wal-Mart's around the world and their service stations.  Their Remedy support center supports a 24 hr operations environment.  Installed and customized Flashboards 6 for their Support and Management consoles.  Also, developed custom Crystal reports to further support their center.  Focus was also set on incorporating Blackberry's to Helpdesk for better client support.

Financial/Banking Industry

Ag First Bank.  Client upgraded to Remedy 6.3 with a highly customized version of Helpdesk 6. Client required specialized Crystal Reports generated against their newly installed helpdesk application to provide company executives with high-level performance summaries.